Composition of addictive essences.
Flowing pulsating, mutating with the essences that keep us keeping on in our daily lives: teas, tobacco, jasmine, ancient fruit. Subtle top notes open up to deep and expressive woody bases. Pungent yet sweet, and hypnotic, it is a portrait of perseverance. Inspired by the gritty soulfulness of the Blues & Yves Klein’s monochromatic blue performances.

Motions of roundness, infinite circles. Barres, empty theaters, the possibility the salinity of sweat. Blues, grays, beautiful clouds or flowing waters.

"Gutta cavat lapidem - Dripping water hollows stone”- Ovid

TOP/Tête: Black Tea, Green Tea, Bergamot
MIDDLE/Coeur: Tobacco, Spices, Fig, Jasmine
BASE: Wood, Bark, Sandalwood

Blood Sweat Tears was selected as a Finalist in the 2014 Institute of Art & Olfaction Awards, in the Independent Category. Only 9 Finalists were blind-selected from a prestigious jury.

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Blood Sweat Tears is part of the original Atelier de Geste scent trio. These are the first three scents Rhee created to embody the concept of olfaction as living theater: elevating moments, intensifying space & time.

These three scents (Blood Sweat Tears, The Good Earth, Wild is the Wind) were created for the three suites of a performance called The Ball of Living Matter. Each scent intensifies each suite and the choreography of colors, shapes, moods, rhythms and forms.

Blood Sweat Tears is produced in small quantities by one of the most esteemed historic perfumeries in Grasse, France. The essences are of the highest quality; no parabens, no sulfates, no phthalates. The more natural composition allows for a complex temporal unfolding of notes, and a more earthy yet luxurious fragrance. The formulas do not have any harsh synthetics, minimizing allergens.

Responses to Atelier de Geste Scent Trio: 

“I love the concepts behind the perfumes: addiction, wealth, and emotion. For me, they evoke the complexity of being human.” - Katherine Chan, scent & art critic, director of Miguel Abreu Gallery

“A revolutionary idea for scent.” - Agnieszka Gratzka, editor of Metropolis Magazine

Outstanding reviews from WWD, Refinery29

Best New Fragrance Line 2013, from Cafleurebon ( - highest traffic industry fragrance blog)

“Nothing short of miraculous.” -

Photography: Barbara Anastacio