Exhibition / Performance

June 2015 at Glasshouse Gallery, 246 Union Avenue, Brooklyn NY

TAB takes the audience’s journey as its choreography. Series creators, Kay Ottinger and Stephanie Browne, work to activate the ‘art’ of exhibition, venturing far beyond the innocent, curated group show.

Stimulate all senses
Attune to subtlety
Unearth backstories
Shadow entire trains of thought
Profit from chance, impalpable connections, and synesthesia
Coexist with art in a way that feels strangely natural

TAB 4.0 comprises environments and performances by Beau Rhee and Kate Mohanty. Melodious silks. Colorful cocktails. The voice of a saxophone rising from stormy basement. The audience will explore the ways perception is made up of both what and how. 


These silk collages / scrolls are meant to be a set backdrop for a performance, entitled simply Flag Dance. The colors and notations on the silks are directly influenced by the artist’s experience with synesthesia listening to the Chopin Preludes. The notations on the silk illustrate the pathways and main dynamics of the choreographed movement suites of the Flag Dance. The gestures of the dance are simple and large scale, inspired by communication gestures on ships, called Flag Semaphore.