December 9, 2016 at Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn NY
cent commission for Debussy’s String Quartet: A Sensorial Concert

Rhee was commissioned by BitterSuite to be the perfumer for this concert of Debussy’s String Quartet. Two scents: Claude (his chosen professional name) and Achilles (his given name at birth) were created to illustrate Debussy’s personal trajectory from youth to adulthood.
BitterSuite began as a question: Can we deepen the way we listen to classical music by creating sensorial experiences to match and enhance it? The company creates classical music experiences with 30 performers, 30 audience members, 30 blindfolds, 4 choreographers, 1 chef, 1 perfumer, and the help of a psychologist. Here you don’t just listen through your ears—you feel, taste, and smell it with your whole body. Experience Debussy’s String Quartet like never before in this limited-occupancy performance as BitterSuite brings this complex piece to life through the senses.