PARAGES, 2017     
Performance, Installation (tarps, tape, scent)

Parages (meaning boundary, shore or neighborhood) is a performance and installation in two parts. The piece was commissioned as part of programming about xeno-architecture. The piece is performed by Gorka Gurrutxaga Arruti, Chantal Chadwick, and Beau Rhee.

Part One takes place in the audience seating of the Kaaitheatre Brussels with cabaret spotlights demarcating positive and negative space. The performers motions and interactions ebb and flow, and they use the scented canvas tarps as micro shelter/refuge and habitat. Through movement and scent, fluid boundaries are created in a minimal, dream like setting. 

Part Two takes place on the stage, where two DJs play images and sound for an audience. The performers bodies are inserted into this space and they define their own bodily boundaries through movement. Additionally, body-space lines are drawn with tape, leaving geometric lines on the floor. These linear marks are also left in the lobby as a trace of performance. A surveillance camera also tracks the movements of the audience and performers in this section, adding another level of boundaries being established (power) and broken (privacy).                   

Video excerpts by Hannah Bailliu 

Photography by Thomas Nolf & also a surveillance camera