Curatorial Project & Artist Book

June 9 - September 9, 2018, Berlin, Germany

Strange Attractors is a curatorial publication project by Nomaduma Rosa Masilela, which unites artist contributions and archival material. It is an exercise in uncertainty and a search for analogue strategies of opacity. The projects within Strange Attractors engage with notions of cosmology, relationality, and scale; they reflect how our unstable personal cosmologies and ever-evolving epistemologies are the result of the tenuous ties that bind our relations. Strange Attractors (both a publication and a room) is a reach for connection and an acknowledgement of the discreet gestures that go unnoticed but nevertheless have strangely indiscreet reverberations. Please enjoy both.

With contributions by: Adrijana and Kristina Gvozdenović; Audre Lorde; Beau H. Rhee with Christophe Kihm and Dr. Myungchull Rhee; Devin Kenny; Isaiah Lopaz; Joelle Mercedes; Mame-Diarra Niang; Mattie Brice, Robin Yang and Jen Aprahamian; Mildred Thompson; Octavia Butler; Patrice Renee Washington; Rosa Luxemburg; and Temitayo Ogunbiyi.

The publication was designed by Nontsikelelo Mutiti and Zofia Klajs. The wallpaper of the reading room was designed by Ebba Fransén Waldhör, courtesy Ebba Fransén Waldhör, KARL DIETZ VERLAG BERLIN/Herbarium Rosa Luxemburg. The project is indebted to Gabi Ngcobo, Jeanette Gogoll, and Yvette Mutumba.