T H E  S T U D I O

ATELIER DE GESTE (The Gesture Studio) is a studio founded & directed by Beau Rhee, based in NYC, that creates, exhibits & performs work internationally.

Rhee's practice connects movements and material objects to create moments of primal connection to body-space, the senses, and thus our biology & ecosystem. Gesture and performance is extended to various physical forms, prolonging the ephemeral art of choreography into tactile, sensorial & visual materials. 

Based on gesture and mise en scène, the studio produces a broad range of multi-media work, such as metal objects, textile pieces, drawings, scents. Gesture: primal, social, rhythmic. Mise en scène: an environment for the body in space, for ritual, for performance. 

 Many of these pieces are originally designed specifically for performance, but are then used in everyday life. Concepts of trace & notation become the dialogue between the ephemeral and the archive which create the work.

By using materials such as silk, metal, scent essences, Rhee's work makes a connection between the corporeal world and the cosmic, ultimately making environmental and social comments through matter. She works frequently in collaboration with other artists, hence the collective studio name. 

The studio considers production to be political; and thus takes sustainability and design-for-good seriously in all aspects of making & sourcing. 

The studio has recently shown work at Kaaitheater Brussels, MoMA/PS1, NYC Design Week/Sight Unseen, the Hammer Museum LA, Baryshnikov Arts Center, White Box NY, Maison Blanche de le Corbusier, Kunsthaus Baselland. ADG has been featured in publications such as British Vogue and Coolhunting, among others, and had the honor of being nominated for the Art & Olfaction Awards in 2014 & 2017. 


We have worked on design & art commissions for private clients and artists such as Nouveau Classical Project, W Magazine, Timo WeilandLost in Fiber, across an array of creative media. Projects have included costume & set design, scent design, graphic design, product design and creative consultation.   

T H E  F O U N D E R

Beau Rhee is a Designer, Artist & Choreographer. Since 2014, she is Director of Atelier de Geste, where she leads all design, production, and exhibitions. She received her M.F.A. at the Haute école d’art et de design de Genève (University of Art & Design Geneva) Visual & Applied Arts, 2010-12. She has guest lectured at the Swiss Master Symposium for the Arts, Parsons School of Design and the ICP/Bard MFA program.
At the M.F.A. program in Geneva, she learned hands-on techniques in the ateliers (wood, metal, fabric, graphic), and she studied under the tutelage of critic Christophe Kihm, designer Markus Miessen and artist Laurent Schmid. She graduated from Columbia University, Barnard College cum laude & with distinction receiving a double major in Art History & Dance in 2007. There, she studied dance under advisor Mary Cochran, and learned many schools of movement (Cunningham, Limon, Graham, Bill T Jones, NYCB Balanchine). She apprenticed under Bill T Jones / Arnie Zane Dance Company & worked in the contemporary art & fashion industries for several years before she relocated to Geneva.

T H E   P E O P L E

Many Atelier de Geste projects, especially performances, are collaborative with our community of artists: Nouveau Classical Project, Anne Patterson, Abigail Doan, Ella Misko, Twice Studio Paris, Chantal Chadwick, Kay Ottinger, Mara Mayer, Lathan Hardy, Jason Anastanoff, James Williams, Emily Shanny & others. 

Tungsten Holdings is our partner in business. 





Portrait by Barbara Anastacio

Portrait by Barbara Anastacio

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Atelier de Geste est un studio pluridisciplinaire fondé et dirigé par Beau Rhee et basé à New York. Son activité se trouve à l’intersection du design, de l'art et de la performance.

L’inspirations principales de l’Atelier: le geste et la mise en scène. Le geste: quelque chose primitif, social, rhythmique. La mise en scène: un environnement pour le corps, pour le ritual, pour la performance. Ces projets allient recherches sur ces concepts à la réalisation d’objets et pièces tactiles. Par example, Atelier de Geste a produit des séries de parfums en édition limitée, des vêtements/costumes et objets sur mesure, ou encore des textiles peints. A l’origine, beaucoup des ces pièces (parfums, costumes, accessoires) sont conçues pour être activées au sein des performances. En dehors de ce contexte, elles prennent par ailleurs une vie propre. Le movement, la couleur et la geometrie sont les motifs faisant prolonger les mouvements du corps sur les tissus, les objets, l’espace. 

Beau Rhee crée également des projets artistiques de l’ordre de la performance. Son travail a été exposé aux États-Unis, en Europe et en Asie.
Atelier de Geste a exposé ses créations dans le cadre de New York Design Week / Sight Unseen le Hammer Museum de Los Angeles, Baryshnikov Arts Center NY, White Box NY, Maison Blanche du Corbusier, Kunsthaus Baselland. Des articles sur ses créations sont parus notamment dans Vogue UK et Coolhunting. 

Nous avons créé les projects personnalisés sur commande/commission pour les clients (comme les entreprises, les artistes) telles que Nouveau Classical Project, W Magazine, Lost in Fiber, Timo Weiland et d'autres. Les projets comprennent : le design de costume et la scénographie, les senteurs/odeurs, design graphisme, design produit et consultation créative.