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 The Good Earth is Rich, performance / installation

The Good Earth is Rich, performance / installation

ATELIER DE GESTE (Gesture Studio) was founded in New York City in October 2013 by artist Beau Rhee. Rhee’s work has been exhibited and performed internationally in venues such as The Kitchen, Bard Graduate School Gallery, Kaaitheatre Brussels, Baryshnikov Arts Center, Maison Blanche de le Corbusier, Kunsthaus Baselland. Her work has been included in publications printed by Sternberg Press, the Berlin Biennale and Yale University.

Beau Rhee’s work is inspired by gesture, movement and body-space: origin points to explore the relationship between body and cosmos.

Choreography (choreo: body / graphy: writing) is a tool for visual and spatial practice. Gestures extend to material form. Drawing and notation are particularly important in her work: marking the body in space is an acknowledgment of the fragility, evanescence and power of gesture and its life. Through Rhee’s drawings and notations, she develops a visual vocabulary of gesture, creating ‘oracles’ of movement.

Trained as both a visual artist choreographer, Rhee creates mise en scène in her performances: a total environment for the body in space. Through installation, sculpture, scent and textile, she activates the viewer’s haptic senses, thus connecting biology & ecosystem. Her reoccurring motifs of Blue and organic forms connect the corporeal and cosmic worlds, linking environmental. Metal is a frequently used material, one that implies archeology and expanded scales of time. Rhee experiences synesthesia (sound triggers colors, scent and forms), which is a source of inspiration particularly in working multi-media. The relationships between the micro (grain), the body (corps), and cosmos connect various cosmologies and scales.

It is important for the work to be of service to collaborative work. Requiring others, forming an ensemble: social work both in choreography / performance, and also in the production and design of work. The necessity to create through art, no matter how small, a utopia.

ADG has been commissioned to design (scent, costume, scenography and graphic design) for artistic and commercial projects for clients such as Parsons School of Design, Nouveau Classical Project, W Magazine, Abigail Doan, Jack Studios, Anne Patterson, among others.


 Portrait by  Barbara Anastacio

Portrait by Barbara Anastacio

B e a u R h e e

Beau Rhee (born 1985) studied Dance & Art History at Barnard College - Columbia University (cum laude & distinction), and went on to receive her MFA at the Haute école d’art et de design de Genève in 2012 (HEAD University of Art & Design Geneva). Since 2017, she is a part-time Professor at Parsons School of Design / The New School. She has been invited as a guest lecturer to speak at the Strand Bookstore, International Center of Photography, Bard College, and the Swiss Arts Symposium at the Schaulager Foundation, among others. She is tri-lingual, and grew up between Boston MA, Seoul Korea and France.

T H E  E N S E M B L E

Many Atelier de Geste projects, especially performances, are collaborative with our community of artists, most recently: Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, Audra Wolowiec, Nouveau Classical Project, Anne Patterson, Abigail Doan, Ella Misko, Twice Studio Paris, Chantal Chadwick, Kay Ottinger, Mara Mayer, Lathan Hardy & others. 
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L ' A T E L I E R 

 Corporality, large scale drawing & Analemma light vessel sculpture

Corporality, large scale drawing & Analemma light vessel sculpture

ATELIER DE GESTE est un atelier pluridisciplinaire à New York, fondé par Beau Rhee, depuis 2013 octobre. Rhee a exposé ses oeuvres dans le cadre de The Kitchen, Bard Graduate School Gallery, Kaaitheatre Brussels, Baryshnikov Arts Center, Maison Blanche de le Corbusier, Kunsthaus Baselland. Son travail a été publié notamment dans les livres de Sternberg Press, la Biennale de Berlin et Yale University.

Rhee est essentiellement intéressé par le geste, mouvement et la relation du corps-espace: ces formes, lignes et géométries.

La chorégraphie (choré-corps / graphie-écriture, donc de écrire le corps) est un moyen, une pratique pour créer des formes visuelles et spatiales. Le dessin et la notation sont fondamentaux dans sa pratique: de marquer le corps, de trouver une vocabulaire du geste, de créer un oracle de mouvement.

Formée dans le design, arts visuels et la danse, Rhee est une metteuse en scène dans ses performances: elle créé un environnement total pour le corps dans espace. La couleur, l’olfaction, la ligne, la trace, la géométrie sont les motifs faisant prolonger les mouvements du corps. Avec ces divers matériaux, elle active les sense baltiques du public, un moyen de créer un point de vue de corporality. Ces leitmotifs de la couleur bleu, mouvements cosmiques, formes organiques sont tout liées avec notre biologie, ecosystem, cosmologie. Une synesthète, Rhee est particulièrement inspirée par les relations entre les formes, couleurs et odeurs.

Le nom Atelier de Geste est importante parce que le travail est collaboratif, en ensemble. Le besoin de travailler avec les autres: dans la danse / performance, est aussi dans le design et la production. De produire les choses est un acte politique: le travail, les matériaux, le rapport avec les gens. C'est nécessaire de créer un monde utopique, même si petit.


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