Performance / Gesamstkunstwerk

The Ball of Living Matter can be played in the theater, social gatherings, dance halls, exhibition halls, or public spaces. It is meant for an event where the public is at the same spatial level as the players. Because of its choreographic simplicity, it can be learned and performed by mostly everyone. One duet of players begins the ball; then the next, then the next. Because it is a ball, the dance never stops; only until the next ball.

Taking the forms of both abstract dance and social dance, The Ball is a transfiguration and formal translation of 6 basic gestures of living. It is played in 3 acts, with 3 costumes (androgynous in cut) and 3 odors, each corresponding to different elements.

The Ball circulates through various movements that change the way the public views the players; each dance requires a different viewing point, creating a decentralized, multiplicitous modus operandi of viewing.

1. Mirror Dance 

2. Circles Dance 

3. Work Dance 

4. Language Dance 

5. Seduction Dance 

6. Gravity Dance