extrait de parfum 50ML

BLUES is a colorist scent that was created for our performance ALL BLUES. This is the first Atelier de Geste in-house mixed extrait de parfum. The first edition of this scent will be limited to 100 pieces in 2016. The scent expresses the sacred celestial aspects of blue, as well as its earthy grittiness and depth. The sensuality and wildness of wood and marine notes are paired with heady mysterious florals and triumphal resins. Each note corresponds to a movement suite of the choreographed piece.
BLUES is hand made in small batches in-house at our NYC scent lab. The formula is made of exquisite natural & organic essences from the finest conscious essence farms in the world. Fair labor-fair trade. 24 month shelf life. Each bottle is engraved with a unique number. The bottle and enclosed silk are hand painted with gestural strokes.