1. Cafleurebon, one of the top 3 fragrance blogs in the world, voted Atelier de Geste "Best of Show" of Elements Showcase in August 2013

Click here or on the image for link to 1st "Best of Show" article 

2. Cafleurebon's Managing Editor, Mark Behnke, also penned a delightful & comprehesive review of the 3 ADG Scents. Click here for the link to the review.

"For fragrances born of movement all three of these fragrances have a dynamic development on my skin as the raw materials used for each fragrance dance off of my skin. I’ve had a few weeks to really experience these fragrances and from such a modest beginning these are quite accomplished compositions."

"Blood Sweat Tears is a slow twirl around the dance floor at a precise measured pace which allow for every facet of the fragrance to be shown to its best effect."

"The Good Earth...Moss and opoponax add depth to the galbanum and myrrh respectively making each successive turn of the cycle slightly different, almost like perfumed jazz."

"Wild is the Wind was my favorite upon my introduction to the line...The classicism seems to be reinforced with a very spicy rose coming next. The vintage vibe gets slapped to the side with a healthy leather accord which takes Wild is the Wind deep into the animalic side of things. This is a whip cracking fragrance full of passion and desire."