8.2013 Cafleurebon
“Elements Showcase: Beauty in Unusual Places / Best of Show” by Mark Behnke

"Favorite New Fragrance Line: Atelier de Geste– Beau Rhee is an artist who produces movement based performances. In expanding beyond the visual she wanted to add three fragrances to go along with the three acts of a performance called “The Ball of Living Matter” Those three perfumes are called Blood, Sweat, Tears; The Good Earth, and Wild is the Wind. The Good Earth is exactly as promised the green earthy smell of fertile ground. Wild is the Wind was my favorite probably because it fits into this nouveau-vintage style we’ve seen many of the independent perfumers embrace over the last year. Wild is the Wind uses aldehydes, rose, and musk primarily but it has a great sense of movement to it which seems appropriate considering its creator’s background."