Fragrantica's John Biebel reviews Atelier de Geste Scents, and interviews Beau Rhee. 

"In the hands of the multi-talented Beau Rhee [Bree], nothing short of the miraculous occurs....Atelier de Geste's concept of perfume as an accompaniment to performance is one that resonates as the perfumes' components wrap themselves around the wearer. “And of course, perfume is time-based,” she says, as we discussed the similarities of perfumery to other artistic media. This is all too true—perfume is, for all of us, a moment in time; one that we hope will last a long time, but never forever. Atelier de Geste's artistic goals embrace this notion of wonder in the moment, creation in a certain space at a certain time. In an age when we seem to put so much value into a false sense of permanence, this idea of perfume is so refreshingly in tune."

Click here or on the image for article. Photograph by Barbara Anastacio