Movement is the soul of Atelier de Geste

"The gesture, the body and dance in its absolute form: my greatest inspiration.

Movement is gesture, a celebration of living: the gestures of putting on a shirt, the movement of a shimmy, spritzing a scent. 

I move and choreograph as a way to inquire physically: How do we live? Why? With whom? How? Celebratory, mourning, sacred, profane, tired, ecstatic...The human experience is infinitely colorful and the living geometries in our lives are illuminated when working through the human body. 

My choreography begins with gestures, thoughts or objects from daily life: two lost people on the street, a constellation map, a spilled bag of coffee beans. I often use day-to-day items in my installations (such as coffee, strings, and scents). Highly technical dance and abstract spaces are often paired with daily tasks (grooming, sanding wood, speaking) or settings (cafes, bedrooms). The embodiment of Jazz (call and response, structure cohabiting with improvisation, multiple voices leading) is an extremely important part of the rehearsal process.

A 6-hour mourning slowdance danced alone, or a trail of coffee grinds leading from one end of the stage to the other – these mise en scènes provide a space to open up life’s grind to a greater experience. In the digital age, these moments of physicality are so important. Sets, fabric, materials & color play an extremely important role in the visual experience of my choreography. This is where dance & design intersect. ” - Beau Rhee

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All Blues

The Ball of Living Matter

The Metals and the Stars

The Good Earth

Sleepless Springtime Slowdance


Pure White