Living as Art: Legs are our pillars of strength, moving us along through life. They are an attitude, a lifestyle, a style. Living is about legs!

Atelier de Geste legwear brings color, motion, geometry and theatrical gesture to the everyday. Sensual, classic, unisex. Artistry in every detail.


Made to move: AdG legwear is designed for movement. Soft, supple, sensual armor that is made with the finest and most flexible fibers. Beautiful geometrical designs are formed by strong micro- fibers. Legwear is knit together by the best Italian machines in one of the best South Korean hosiery mills.

Colors of the line are inspired by artists palettes: Caspar David Friedrich ocean-grays, Calligraphy ink-black, Yves Klein Blue, Rothko reds, Caravaggio chiaroscuro.

Forms are inspired by designs of artists: Eileen Gray, Sonia Delaunay, trompe-l’oeil Surrealist objects.

Atelier de Geste legwear is the result of almost a year of sample prototyping.

Legwear Styles worn by dancers, a professional fencer, musicians, performers. 
Photographs by Barbara Anastacio