Performance, Installation

Snow-machine, recycled polyurethane fake snow, cigarette, ashtray feathers, silk, ballet barre
accumulative choreography: 

Repetitive balletic motions accumulate in a repetitive choreography. 3 movement phrases, each comprised of 8-10 main gestures, are repeated, developped, re-arranged, reconstructed and deconstructed to exhaustion. The dancer appears to be rehearsing the 3 phrases to attempt complete perfection. At times she breaks, smokes, reads a newspaper.

A snow-machine, dropping polyurethane flakes onto the scene, recreates a calm snow drop in rhythmic motion. Both a perfect and fake scene, the set creates a surreal tranquility. Meanwhile, the dancer’s movements become registered in the traces of the falling fake snow. While her movements become more limber and fluid as she repeats the phrases over and over, the accumulating snow hinders her motion.

Pure White explores the limits and frustrations of perfect ideals, or a desire for perfection. By the end of the 30 minute piece, the perfect moments are memorable not because they are perfect, but because of all the effort involved, and often the imperfect moments of error or repose or frustration, are more tender and moving. 

Photographs 1, 2 & 3 by  Brett Casper. Prints available upon request
Rest of the images are film stills.