The Atelier de Geste studio practice is based around Beau Rhee's robust base of research, which often manifests itself into more academic forms, such as papers, academic presentations, and teaching. In 2016, Rhee has been a guest lecturer at Parsons School of Design at the New School, New York Live Arts, White Box, NYC Design Week. 

Here are some links below where you can read some of the research: 

Beau Rhee, Ephemerality and the Archive.
The Archive as a Productive Space of Conflict, edited by Markus Miessen, Yann Chateigné with Dagmar Füchtjohann, Johanna Hoth & Laurent Schmid., Sternberg Press, 2015, Berlin.

"Living Matter: Body - Space - Material" Master Thesis

"Oskar Schlemmer: Body as Weapon" B.A. Thesis

"Oskar Schlemmer: Body as Weaspon, Appendix of Drawings" 

"Vito Acconci is Writing Hinges" B.A. Thesis