Performance, Installation

Mourning dance: slow dance for two, danced alone
270,000 seconds to signify 270,000 dead or missing in Japanese earthquake catastrophe

The dancer moves with the music, ranging from a slow to an upbeat dance, but with an imaginary partner the whole time. She embraces, caresses, flirts, teases, bickers with, cha-chas, cherishes somebody who is very real to her, but is really an apparition or ghost. The person she mourns or misses is alive through her. The length of the piece, which lasts several hours, creates a lasting image of the void of a loved one. The piece also gives space and time to honor and remember those that are gone in a living form.

Playlist includes: My Ideal - Chet Baker, At Last - Etta James, Exit Music (For A Film) - Radiohead, La Vie en Rose - Louis Armstrong, Blue Moon - Tony Bennett, The Look of Love - Dusty Springfield, Georgia on My Mind - Ray Charles, I'm So Tired of Being Alone - Al Green

Photography: Mauro Carraro, Nelly Haliti