eau de parfum 50ML

STONES is a scent that is inspired by the passage of stones and boulders through time. The weight of stones is expressed by a solid hefty core, and elaborated on with a salty sense of whimsy. Earthy spicy notes convey sculptural movement, rounded out by a hint of wet forest moss. This is a scent that references cologne, as it is centered around a strong Vetiver base with unexpected notes such as tomato, ivy, pine, lotus and nightshade.
STONES is a limited-edition of 200 pieces in 2016. The perfume is handmade in small batches by a heritage perfumery in Grasse, France, where we produced our first trio of movement-inspired scents. Always paraben/sulfate/phtalate free.
Each bottle is engraved with a unique number. The bottle and enclosed silk are hand painted with gestural strokes.