STONES, 2016     

STONES is a scent that is inspired by the passage of stones and boulders through time. The weight of stones is expressed by a solid hefty core, and elaborated on with a salty sense of whimsy. Earthy spicy notes convey sculptural movement, expressing wet boulders & misty forest moss. This is a sculptural scent that creates olfactive space. Stones is also a weighty, unisex scent that references cologne, as it is centered around a strong Vetiver base with brilliant greens of galbanum, geranium. Tomato, ivy and pine create a playful raw freshness that has a sensation of ancientness. Lotus and nightshade reveal a misty wetness, while muguet and moss ground the scent in their deep dimensionality.

The first edition of Stones is limited to 200 pieces. Stones is produced in small quantities by one of the most esteemed historic perfumeries in Grasse, France. The essences are of the highest quality; no parabens, no sulfates, no phthalates. The more natural composition allows for a complex temporal unfolding of notes, and a more earthy yet luxurious fragrance. The formulas do not have any harsh synthetics, minimizing allergens.

Each bottle is engraved with its edition number. The bottle and silk are hand painted with gestural strokes, evoking the inspiration of the scent.

TOP/Tête: Galbanum, Geranium, Physalis, Tomato
MIDDLE/Coeur: Pine, Ivy, Lotus, Ginger
BASE: Vetiver, Moss, Lichen (nightshade), Vetiver Root, Muguet Flowers

Photography: Sean Campbell